Aussie Man Hands Hand Cream

This is hand cream for men. Made for men. Used by men & it's as Aussie as it comes.

Aussie Man Hands ain’t your girlfriend's hand cream. But your girlfriend will be pretty stoked you're using it  :) It’s not a jumbo pack of dodgy sorbolene from woollies either (which is made from the same stuff as petrol!) The fact is, you don’t want oily cream or girly lotion that leaves your hands feeling greasy (ewww!)

You want sweet relief from dryness, without the fuss. Aussie Man Hands keeps your hands soft without the frilliness.

To sort out your dry and cracked hands, you need the good stuff - shea butter, jojoba oil, glycerin & cedarwood. The best part – a little bit goes a long way. Plus it's in a tough, toolbox friendly tub. You little rippa.

Say goodbye to cracked, dry, rough hands.

Say hello to Aussie Man Hands

Chuck a tub in your toolbox and get some onya! 

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