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Oh my stars! After years in the making and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, Folkologie is finally here. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name’s Carol and my partner in crime is 'Kymbo' we send you a big welcome to our new furniture, homewares and gift store - FOLKOLOGIE. Have a wander around, relax and make yourself comfortable.

We are just over-the-moon that you’re here because launching our business has been a real labour of love and a crazy roller coaster of emotions. We're exhausted, but so, so happy.

 The Folkologie Story, Rylstone NSw

We created Folkologie in the gorgeous, historical country town of Rylstone in NSW, just for you to discover the stories and craft of everyday folk and our Aussie artisans. We want to showcase their special talents and products, from fragrant hand poured candles and delicious caramel sauces to macrame plant holders and bespoke one off custom furniture pieces. 


These days, consumerism is at an all-time high, and it’s all so easy to buy things that are made cheap and fast and eventually accumulate more stuff around our home. But Folkologie is all about beautiful, ethically-made products – some things are made in limited quantities, others are handmade and everything is made in Australia. 

My background is retail design & display, Kymbo's a builder and a bespoke furniture maker who is obsessed with old Australian timber and the story behind it. We have come together and our aim with Folkologie is to open a shop and run a business that doesn’t take away, but adds and enriches people’s lives without destroying the environment.

We live in such a disposable consumer-driven culture but we think now there’s been a backlash. People want to return to a simpler life and use longer lasting products that are made with hand and heart. It’s no surprise that organisational queen Marie Kondo is so freakin’ popular these days!

Anyway, we have had a blast meeting so many designers and entrepreneurs around the country and we can’t wait to share their stories and products with you, from Ooh and Burn Candles and Nowhere to Hide to Yum Yum Pigs Bum and Grotti Lotti. A high-five to those women in the country who have launched their own businesses to make a new living due to the horrendous drought that’s ravaging so much of regional Australia right now.


Meanwhile, we also want to give beautiful Rylstone and neighbouring Kandos a big hug for welcoming us into their community. A special shout-out goes to the girls down at clothing store Leila's Cottage, who helped spread the word of Folkologie and the ladies at the Anglicare shop next door who helped us with our electricity and internet set up! And a big thank you to Cat from Saffron Cafe for the millions of coffees that kept us going day and night before launching and to Michelle and Jim our landlords - thank you!  Not to forget Colleen & Andrew from The Kandos Fairways Motel - thanks for housing us!!!  

We can’t wait to share more of Folkologie with you all.

Big hugs, Carol & Kymbo 


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